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I really loved this idea after reading it from "A Beautiful Mess" blog.

So, for my Seoul T.fam’s (STF?) secret santa this year, I made a print on canvas of Hongdae’s Tiger Rabbit (since it’s not there and we are not there anymore). 

I made some for me too* and I hope this can inspire others to make your own :)

[[ Here are the instructions and some of my notes ]]


  • the image you want on it - Laser copy is the way to go! I did some test and tried it with regular paper and it just didn’t work. Also, remember, your image will print reversed! Reversed them before printing it out if that will bother you.
  • stretch canvas - I used 8x10 that I got from Michael’s… but I’m sure you can get them at any art store.
  • gel medium - I used Golden’s Gel Medium-Heavy Gel (Matte). There are different kinds of gel medium (soft, regular, heavy, etc.). Have fun with it! Try using different one!   
  • paint brush - I suggested using a brush with synthetic hair. I tried using the cheap brushes (since I knew it was gonna end up being all hard anyway) and it just didn’t work. Some hair will fall off.
  • spray bottle - You’ll need it once you start removing the paper.


1. Completely cover your canvas with gel medium. Use a heavy coat - (2-3 heavy layer/coat). Make sure to spread them out evenly! You’ll end up having air bubbles and you don’t want that. Keep it flat!

2. Press the photo copy onto the canvas and let it dry for several hours or overnight. - Again, make sure you don’t leave with it air bubble! I also put another layer of gel medium on the back of the photo… to put more weight for the transferring? The image transferred faster and had less tear damage when removing the paper.   

This was cool (this was when it was drying):

3. After your image is completely dry, use a spray bottle to wet the top of the paper. - I didn’t have a big spray bottle and was too impatient to use my little bottle to spray the whole 8x10 canvas. Instead, I ran the canvas through a LOW running cold water. Run it that it’s just enough that it will get the front side of the canvas wet. 

4. Rub the surface with your fingers until pieces of the paper start coming off. - Start from the corner. If you ran it through the water, the first layer should be easy to peel off.  Get the canvas wet (or use your spray bottle) and continue to rub the paper (GENTLY!*) until your image reveal.

*This is the hardest part and takes more patience than you know. It’s also messy! Be careful not to rub it too hard because it can removed some part of your image on accident… and you might just beat yourself up for it. So, be patience! :) It’s worth it!

5. Continue until all the paper is removed and the image is completely visible!

6. Cover your canvas with one more coat of gel medium to seal and protect the image. - The blog suggest it but after discussing it with my boyfriend, we both knew that it would just look really matted and boring if I seal the picture with a coat of gel medium. Unless when you’re making it, that’s what you want, knock yourself out. I wasn’t digging the matted look.

7. After you removed all the paper out, Leave it to dry again! 

8. Protect your finished product.


- I used Krylon Crystal Clear Finish (in other words, clear glossy spray paint) as an image protector and gave my finished canvas a shiny/wet look.

- Painting the side of your canvas with acrylic paint. Of course, that’s totally up to you. I do suggest NOT using watercolor paint because it will take longer to dry, leaving you with that “wet paint” feel.

- This is noted on the blog but do understand that each transfer will be different and would have an imperfect transfer. Do try working on an image that doesn’t have too much detail. It’s harder to deal with if the image is too detailed (e.i. A picture of someone’s face and the nose part was accidentally removed. So not cute).

That’s all. Hope this was helpful. Let me know if you also tried this DIY and/or you can suggest on other variations :D

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