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WOW! My DIY: Print on canvas has had an overwhelming responds. I love creative people and I love it more when they share with others :)

My friend’s birthday is this saturday so I had already commit to the pasting before I saw your reply! Well I used document paper, and the middle is quite fine but the edges are beyond repair. The sad thing is, I brought all of my acrylic paint to my dorm and didn’t leave any here at home so I don’t know how to hide the damage. Also I used my acrylic paintbrush and it’s fine. What paper do you recommend using if not print paper?

Here’s my result! I couldn’t post it because my friend who’s the present recipient follows me.


[…] I had to do some edge cleaning, therefore the black perimeter is purely painted via sharpie. I ruined 4 sharpie on this mission. Then I did a horrible job varnishing with the medium gel, which was not recommended by the company to be used as a varnish. I used tape that was too adhesive and ruined the right side of the transfer… which also ruined my night. Hmm well in the future, I’m going to photoshop my images beforehand for a B&W grunge texture so that the holes accentuates the picture. I plan on doing some more of these, especially since I bought a pack of 10 8x10 canvases. Hah, I’ll show you my results when I do! :)


It made me smile that my DIY inspired you to do this and give it to your friend! 

From what I learned, everyone can do art. “Mistakes” will clearly happened but you can take that as a fuck up or a blessing in disguise. I actually dig the black border. Gives a little bit of your own twist on it. I’m sure your friend appreciate your effort :)

For paper, I suggest using photo print papers. I’d go for the glossy because those paper usually dries a little bit longer, meaning easier transfer. If you don’t have a printer or anything, I suggest just going to a Kinko’s or a copy place and get it there. I went to a Copy This! and printed about five photos and it cost me around $3…?

Having “holes” isn’t always bad… unless it’s super ruin… kinda like what I did here: 

(This is how it would look like if you don’t have enough patience and use a document paper and rub the ish out of them.)

But again, you can use it as a blessing in disguise and make something different from it:

These are the ones that are currently on my wall.

As you can see, both the cherry blossoms and the Seattle landscape picture have “holes.” Let’s just say you can expect an imperfect transfers but that’s the beauty of it!

The bottom picture was one of the “ruin” canvases. I just painted it with acrylic paint… and bam! New use of the canvas. No need to waste them! 

And yes, please show me other variations or results as you make them. Have fun!

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